SDK Error Message

My One Drive keeps running out of space so I keep deleting stuff like videos to make room and now I’m getting this error message for my SDK to create my APK File for Android.

Note I connected my computer to a new extra One Drive of 1 TB.

Do I need to recreate my build from the start?

I think already downloaded Android Studio unsure since got error message then pressed finished.

Also I did all of the steps in Unity as per the video for the APK file with starting to create my key with the password and so on.

Then got this SDK error message.

Did it generate any corrupted logs?

Do I have to restart everything?

Following this video for the SDK

I look at both export videos before doing any actions.

I’m unsure how to get back to this SDK page also.

Did the SDK file get created if I got a failed message?

Hi James! I think you made some mistakes after you run out of space on drive C. You do not need to install SDK on the system drive. Create the “Android SDK” folder on another disk (for example on D or E). I suggest you remove everything you have installed and start all over again. Since I do not understand from your screenshot what kind of error you get.

  1. Download Android Studio
  2. Open the panel with the installation of SDK
  3. Install all SDKs from the first panel (Select all the checkboxes inside each of the APIs, you can not use very old api, for android versions below 4)
  4. Install the other assets from the second panel … as shown in the video.
  5. After installing SDK, do not forget to specify the path to SDK inside the Unity (See this in the video)
  6. Also, for Unity to accept your SDK, you need to replace some of the files. (Watch this in the video, you should download the new api from the archive, there is a link in the video)
  7. Do not forget to install the Java JDK.

I really can’t help you anymore, try reading more information in various forums, maybe after a while, there have been some changes in the SDK installation, this happens periodically. I also propose to read more information on SDK, which means various assets within the API. This will allow you to understand more what you need and will save up to 40% of the hard disk space.

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Noticed me and you both got the same error message pop up… just your on D drive and I’m on C drive.


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hahaha. :laughing:I don’t remember this anymore, maybe I also had problems with free disk space. But in the end I installed everything and it works for me now.

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Awesome so it downloaded everything for you back then? Even with error message? I’m following these videos to 100% lol So everything I have done so far is as per video.

Because before this error message popped up I was getting a few “Failed” messages.

One Drive errors are common but now that I linked my computer to my extra 1 TB One Drive it should work.

Also delete everything? Everything I did was up until the 2 mins 52 second mark of your video.

Like where I would I delete SDK stuff to restart just the SDK?

My project folder so far


Create the new folder in the your drive for the Android SDK (Example “Android SDK”)

1)Open the Android Studio and click the “Configure” button:


2)Select the “SDK Manager”:

  1. Add the path to the your “Android SDK” folder:

  1. Install the all API …Sdk Tools…other…
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Awesome I already know all of this stuff just how do I remove what ever I installed from the SDK to simply restart just that part?

Delete the folder from SDK. What is the problem? I showed you where to look for the path to your folder, in which folder did you install the SDK? You need to delete this folder. Or copy this folder to a new disk and continue the installation further if you cannot find your folder … delete everything and reinstall everything. I can not tell where your folder is on your computer.

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This is the content of the files in my SDK folder:

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Getting the above error… I uninstalled older version when I re downloaded Android Studio

I got everything in my SDK folder except for “Licenses” why?

I’m on D Drive now and extra One Drive space of 1 TB.

Perhaps in 2018 this folder was updated differently … I do not have an answer to this question. Maybe now they are not needed … I do not know about it. Did you open Api when downloading? Download all inside each of the API? You may not need to download assets for a 32 bit system, but everything else is advisable to download. Also download another assets from the SDK Tools. Every few months, the SDK installation a little changes, so now it may look a little different. You can search more information in the google.

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It ended up in another folder I created when I was talking to Microsoft so my focus was not 100% there and the licensing ended up in this folder can I copy it into the correct SDK folder? or will that break stuff?

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I do not think that something should break)

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I was able to drag copy over almost all of my folders except three all with the same message pop up.

Also I’m doing my SDK at the exact sametime in the background.


Ok so fixed everything on my end no errors no bugs just why does the SDK take forever to download I selected everything all of the devices just not TVS from the oldest device to the current device.

It’s still downloading…

At this part you mention every few months the SDK gets updated.

Download other assets from the SDK Tools?

Example users complain about a blocker or crash and I fix it on my end how would I update that build?

Also what normally changes with SDK every few months?

New phones come out and update our SDK again?

Also the key we create in Unity when Ready will get a new version of Unity for 2018 how will this work for updates as you mention?

I have been researching SDK the past two days all day :neutral_face:


With each update of Android, we get a new version of SDK. You just need to open the SDK manager and download the updates (You do not need to reinstall anything). You can add a new apk to the store at least every day. Unity automatically connects new api when you build a new apk. (For each new build, you must use the new number (for example, “1.1”, 1.2 “,” 1.3 " and etc.), you do not need to change the key, you must have one for the all builds, otherwise you will not be able to add a new apk to the app store.

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