Saving Game Data, Bulk Uploads, and Flags

I’m on mobile, so please excuse typos and spelling issues.

I know many have posted about this and Ready has seen those, but I want to make a clearer, more revised and finished post about it. I just want to say I’ve been using ready for a while and I love it. Will continue. However, there are two things I really wish were in the program.

One of them is save data for games. I wish players could play a game for a while, save their progress, then come back later and play more. For example, a platformer might have 10 levels. A player would play through 5 levels, then get bored afterwards. They would save their game and quit. Then they might come back the next day and continue from level 5 instead of from the beginning. This could be as simple as the ability to set certain variables to be saved, or full on save states.

The next suggestion I have is a new way to upload images/gifs/sounds etc. Bulk uploads would be much appreciated. They way it would work is a checkbox that you can click making the upload a bulk upload. You give it a name, select some images, then hit upload. Let’s say you call the files “item” and upload 10 images. The first one would be called “item-1” and the next one called “item-2” and so on, up to “item-10”. This would make it easier when you have a lot of things to upload at once, so you dont have to go through the uploading process 10 times.

My final idea is a new variable type: flags. Flags can have two states: yes or no. You can change them on the fly, and are to show if things have happened or if things are currently happening. You can already do this with variables, using 1 and 0, but flags would make coding easier and more streamlined.

Overall, any of these would be appreciated. I really want these to be added, especially saving.


Thanks for the suggestions! :+1:


@Ready can we now save players progress where they can load and continue from wherever stage they were at in the previous session? Can this be done with the variables? Thanks!


@Ready any update on my earlier question please? Thanks!


Hi @Ziadjbt78! At the moment, the way to save the gameplay is not available, I’m not sure when it will appear in the future. :roll_eyes: