Running out of ideas


I’m running out of ideas although I get dreams very often I don’t get ideas very often so I’m putting up a poll

  • Fighting based
  • Luck based
  • Run&jump based
  • Brainy based

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I like all your ideas, because for each of them you can create something interesting.


How about building upon the older projects


You can create a remix for the old project and remake it for your own needs, but the best option is to make the project anew. This is due to the fact that old projects may be violated as a result of the fact that after them a large number of updates were released. Especially it can be noticeable when you are trying to export an old project to the Unity.


Understandable. Makes since I was thinking like a crossover or something to that face. Nothings ever impossible.


Also if you want to play my first game I’ve made click on the link


@ep5432! Cool mechanic! :+1: