Report: ReadyMaker Project Cannot be Imported to Unity


I can’t import my ReadyMaker project into Unity

Some old details here: Please report Ready Maker bugs here - #11 by Greenreader9

Platform: Windows 11 Pro
Unity Version: 2019.2.12f1
Ready Username: gamedesigner99

  1. Exported from Ready (This seemed to work fine)

  2. Open in Unity Hub and selected the editor version (Got a “Are you sure you want to do this” message)

  3. Opened the project and this appears

  4. Hit continue and opened in editor, then loaded the scene package file and imported assets

  5. Got this when trying to load the scene:

  6. Saying I have a backup, then loading scene and Ready --> Recreate Project, just got white screen and some errors:

  7. Hit play, screen went black, and got more errors

Can someone take a look at this and fix it?


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Hi, are you making a game for fun or do you want to eventually publish your game as an app/pc game?
I can’t help you as I’ve never used Unity to work on a Ready project.

I have published a ReadyMaker app to the Google Play store already, and have used Unity a bit as well.