ReadyMaker for the browser?


Hello @Ready and Ready team!

Is there by any chance a way to use ReadyMaker in situations where installing an executable is not possible? We hope to use ReadyMaker with a group of students, but their computer lab has Chromebook only. I noticed in item 11. of your educators FAQ a mention of an online version of ReadyMaker, but when I clicked the link, it only showed an empty WebGl page.

Have you any advice for me? Thank you as always,



If you’re running on chrome books, the Ready Maker app from Goolge Play (Android) will run. That would be the easiest solution for a Chromebook.

We experimented with running the editor in WebGL and the performance was unacceptable. So we killed it, which is why you can’t find it.


Thank you @davidsol! Time for me to reveal my ignorance and admit that I had no idea that Android apps can be used on Chromebook. Thank you for the tip and we’ll try it!


It’s pretty impressive performance-wise. I think you’ll be very happy with it. Let us know how it goes.


@davidsol can you help me out with installing and/or accessing the Ready Maker app on my chromebook? I’m feeling really stupid, but I can’t figure it out. I did find Ready Maker in the google play store:

It shows it as already installed, but my chromebook’s app launcher doesn’t find it and just sends me back to the google play store. I tried clicking the “installed” button anyway, and oddly it said “the app will be installed shortly”, but I can’t find it. Any tips you can offer are most welcome! :slight_smile:


Hmmm. I am not an expert on how Chromebooks manage these things. There should be a task bar on the bottom of the screen and from there a method to view all the apps on the device. From there you can open Ready Maker if it’s installed… BUT it’s weird that it won’t open it from the Play Store listing if it shows as “installed” in the chromebook. It’s possible there could be some security settings if it’s a school device, where it won’t let kids install unauthorized apps- and Ready Maker could fall in that category. Try installing when you’re logged into a personal gmail account to test if that’s the issue.


Thanks @davidsol! Meanwhile I’ve been googling and I think I found my answer. I’m using my own personal Chromebook which is an old model, and apparently I need to do a “file system migration” to get Android apps to work. I imagine that the conflicting messaging from the Play store arises from the “in between” state of my chromebook. I’ll see how far I get with the migration and get back to you. (Our students’ have much newer Chromebooks (Chromeboxes actually) that hopefully won’t have this issue.)


That makes sense- I believe any Chromebook shipped in late 2017 and beyond has Android app support “out of the box”. They should appear in something called the “apps tray” on your device, according to this little helper:


So after many false starts, I finally learned concretely that my old chromebook is not capable of supporting Android apps, so unfortunately I can’t yet tell you about my experience with the Ready Maker app on Chromebook. Thanks again, though, for the helpful information!


When you try it on an Android-compatible Chromebook, let us know about the experience.