Ready Update 2.5.20 Release Notes



ANIMATED SPRITES: Open Library and tap GIFs. Browse over one million animated Giphy “stickers” to add to your scene. Or make and upload your own animated sprite as a GIF. Control sprite animation through the GIF behavior and Event Manager.

NEW EDITOR UI: The main controls are along the top of the scene, giving you more room to create on the canvas.

RESIZABLE CANVAS: A new “Global Inspector” on the top left of the editor gives you further control over the size of your scene. Tap “smaller” or “bigger” to change size.

PORTRAIT MODE: Create projects in portrait orientation for mobile phones. After tapping “Create New” you’ll be asked for an orientation. You can switch between Landscape and Portrait in the Global Inspector.

Fixed a bug where connecting to Arduino was inconsistent.

General polish and some naughty bugs were turned into cute jelly beans.