Ready Maker Project will not save

Hi, So for some reason, Every time I try to save, It just won’t, I will press it, It will make the loading sound, But the little loading icon would not finish loading, And it goes on for more than 10 minutes and it won’t stop, Is there a fix for that?

Here is a video of what would happen:

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Have you tried restarting the app?
If that does not work, try restarting the entire device.

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I’ll Try That, Thanks!

Sadly, That didn’t work😓 I am hoping that this does not last for more then a week… Thanks for helping though!

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Pocket Code can be launched without the internet, and it is more faster than Ready Maker, I would recommend you to try it.

How do you use Pocket Code?

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I have a question though, Can you put pocket code games on things like steam and Newgrounds?

APK export is not available at the moment, but it will be available in the future.

Will not save. Fix please.

Pocket Code also does not work on Macs unless it is has an M1 chip and has less functionality than Android version. How much less?

The problem is that Apple have very strict security, what makes creating of apps difficult for iOS. Pocket Code on iOS have only ⅓ of all functions that Pocket Code have on Android.