Ready Maker could die vеry soon

Hello everyone, I’m FirstaAnta. Today I want to say that Ready Maker already has one foot in the grave. What does it mean and what we should do? I will talk about it here. Since 2020 Ready Maker’s team started to have problems because of coronavirus and maybe because of lack of budget. The last update of Ready Maker was released on 6th of March 2020, it means that Ready wasn’t been updated for more than 2 years and it seems like no one will update it in the future. Ready Maker’s team is now working on the projects like: ICON Avatar Fashion Universe. The new policy of Google says that if app developers will not update their app’s to the newest API, it will be hidden or removed from Google Play. You can read that from: Google Will Start Removing Outdated Apps From Google Pay Store Starting November 1: Why This Is Important
It means that from 1st of November 2022, Ready Maker could be hidden or removed from Google Play. Engine can also stop working on any day, just because Ready Maker’s team could think that Ready Maker servers should be disabled because of zero budget or something else. The fact that Ready Maker will die very soon is true, so it’s time to move to another mobile engine!

I have chosen the Pocket Code’s engine to explain about it to you! The Pocket Code was made by Catrobat organisation, the history of Catrobat have a starting point in Austria, Graz University of Technology. Catrobat is a very successful organisation that has over 1,300 contributors all around the world. It was made to stop poverty in the poor and developing countries. The head of Catrobat is Wolfgang Slany, who is a very friendly person.

Let’s now talk about Pocket Code. Pocket Code is a very famous app that is continuing to update. In the past time, Pocket Code was known as Catroid, but later it was renamed to a Pocket Code. In Pocket Code you could make everything you want, and share your project with Catrobat community!

These are the benefits of Pocket Code:
• Everything is free
• No need to login in the account to start working
• You can make your projects without the internet
• You can work with different stages(scenes) in your project
• You can make your own bricks, that can used to make scripts in your projects
• The screen resolution of the project could be displayed on the whole screen
• You can save your progress in the project
• You can save files of all different kind of formats on the device
• You can make multiplayer game by sending and receiving web requests
• You can make not just variables, but lists in your project
• You can make formulas for your project using lots of different functions
• You can see how much does your project, looks and sounds weight
• You can work with regular expressions
• You can place objects visually or using code
• You can work with many functions of physics
• You can use many different sensors of your device, such as flashlight, camera, compass, accelerometer and so on in your project
• It has its own painting program there you can draw your looks for your game or app
• It has very comfortable interface that you will be satisfied to use
• It is translated on many foreign language
• It has accessibility profiles and settings, that will make you easier to work in the program
• It has Catrobat community, where everyone could share their projects and rate other
• Pocket Code has less bugs and lags than Ready Maker
• Pocket Code is not a commercial project, so it can last for a huge amount of time
• In Pocket Code you can not just make games, but you can also make cool apps
• Pocket Code has a support of 60FPS, 90FPS and 120FPS, Ready Maker has a support of just 30FPS

This is not a full list of Pocket Code benefits!

Site of Catrobat organisation:

Where you can download Pocket Code:
Google Play:

Huawei AppGallery:
iOS App Store:
‎Pocket Code on the App Store (iOS version have less functions, than Android version)

(This forum does not support videos)
There are some pictures of working on Pocket Code:

I hope you will move to Pocket Code, because this is the only one of the most mobile engines, there everyone could found their place. You can not just make your projects on Pocket Code, but contribute the Catrobat project to continue develop Pocket Code and Catrobat community!

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If Ready Maker’s team still working on this project, I’m pretty sure that it will be updated after 5 years.

Question for @FirstaAnta, are you affiliated with PocketCode or Catrobat in any way?

Also, I am going to pink @ReadySami and @Ready so hopefully the team can view this.

Also, if @ReadySami is reading this, I sent an email to the email address you shared before, and I have not gotten a response yet (I think it has been about a week).

I’m just the very smart user of Catrobat. I know absolutely everything about it. Also, I can tell you that I could be a contributor of Catrobat community, because I have a right to translate Pocket Code and other Catrobat projects on foreign languages.

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Also try
You can code online using pc or tablet/phone.
I used Pocket Code a few years ago.
It’s more advanced than Scratch, but I don’t like having to code a lot to make a sprite act like a solid object.

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I know what it is. Construct 3 engine has free and pro versions as I know, I don’t think that’s good so I’m not using it.

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@Ready @ReadySami Anyone at Ready want to refute this? If Ready requires monetary support, why not do a Kickstarter or GoFundMe, something to keep the wheels turning on this excellent program. Or start selling the program, it is well worth it and school districts in the US would eat this up with all the pre-made training videos and PowerPoints! I, as a teacher, would add it to my curriculum (and have!) because it is a good way to ease non-computer kids into game making. Don’t kill Ready… (tears up, dabs eyes…)

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You could use Scratch for learning, if you don’t have smartphones.

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Hm, that does not look bad. Can you export to Unity?