PRISMA3D free 3D model creation app

This free Android app was made using Unity.
It’s has extra features for making 3d models than the standard editor in Unity.
You can select individual panels to move and edge points.
And it’s very easy to use.


This would be very useful for a certain project… :wink:

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This is actually very useful, you can model your sprite and using hierarchy you can simulate bones, render your animation to video and crop it with any video cut/crop app, then convert to gif using any video to gif app and import as an animated sprite.

If Ready will ever become 3d, this could be even more useful.

Also have a look at SpaceDraw, it doesn’t animations but is really good modeling app.

Finally, have a look at d3d sculptor.


Thanks. I’ve seen d3d sculptor.
I like using Sketchup for making 3d buildings.
And 3D paint is easy to use to make 3d characters.
3D Animation takes so long to do, so i avoid it.