Please select android SDK root folder

Hey guys! The team and I are trying to release our games onto android. However, when we try to create a keystore, we press “create key” and it makes us select a folder. At the top it says “please select android sdk root folder.” We don’t know how to get this folder. Please let us know where to get this!

Hi @Network5 ! You can download the Android SDK here:
(Go to the bottom of the page and find the “Command line tools only” section)
Download the folder to any non-system disk.
Name it “Android SDK” (For ease of use)
Run the SDK manager program and install in it all necessary assets for the desired android platforms (Approximately 30 GB)
You will also need to install Java JDK, which you can download here:
Go to Unity, find the “Settings” tab in the Unity top menu and specify the path for Android SDK and Java JDK.

After that you can start setting up the project for export to the apk-file in the “Build and settings” menu.


I’m not understanding how to do this. Is it okay if you can show me where to download these on the websites?

Hi @Network5,
This the all links:
JDK -…

This is a section on the site where you can download the SDK:

From this video you can see how to connect your libraries to Unity and where to find the SDK manager (Use the video from our Russian-language YouTube channel, you can turn off the sound, all steps are shown clearly):

Additional recommendations:

  1. Do not use the system drive for storage of the “Android SDK” and “Android NDK”, save them on any other (D, E, F …, etc.)
  2. Be sure to download all “API” (For each version, the android needs its own API) in the SDK manager (otherwise you will not be able to create your apk)
  3. Do not forget to create a key for publishing on Google Play
    4)Read the basic recommendations from Unity

P.S. - Android NDK - not always required in create the APK, but just in case I also turned it on.

We need android studio? I do not speak Russian, so I don’t really understand why he highlighted downloading android studio.

I just downloaded the SDK files, now how do I manage them?

@Network5 - No You do not need the “Android studio”, only the “Android SDK”

“I just downloaded the SDK files, now how do I manage them?”
Ok, wait please, we’ll try to make a separate tutorial for this…

Do you know when this will be released?

…2-5 days

Cool! Will this be in English or Russian? Also, will it be on the original ready YouTube channel?

Yes, English, i send the link to you!:wink:

Thanks! Do we need android studio to access the SDK manager?

Hi @Network5! Good news for you!:slightly_smiling_face: Today we have finished working on the new tutorial: “The” Ready Maker “project export to the” Apk “file”.
Here He is: (In the lesson there are subtitles):

All Links:
JDK -…
NEW “TOOLS” FOR MAC -… (look for “”)

I’m sorry, for what I told you - “do not need to download “Android Studio””. This is not quite true, in connection with the latest update of “Android SDK”, now it is more convenient to update all components through “Android Studio”. I still used the old version of SDK. I should say it was much more convenient, because it had its own “UI” interface and it saved a lot of steps when installing, that’s how it looks:

I continue use the this version on one of the computer. Unfortunately, links to download older versions are no longer available on the official website. And at the moment there are only two ways to install and update the Android SDK.

  1. The most simple - it is described in the video (Its a minus in that it is necessary to install additional resource-intensive software)
  2. The second method does not require this, but it is much more difficult to understand, since all the commands for updating SDK must be sent through the command line, which is very confusing and requires a lot of knowledge when working with SDK, we decided not to use this method for video.

There is another problem with SDK in Unity itself, the fact is that some links after the release of the new SDK in Unity have become obsolete and now it is necessary to dance a bit with additional archives (To avoid mistakes in Unity). We have tried to explain all this to the maximum possible, so I’m sure you will succeed. :wink:

And the last thing I wanted to remind you of, I wrote about it above. Android SDK requires 30 to 70 gigabytes of free disk space. If you do not have enough disk space, just transfer it to another disk and re-enter the path to the Android Studio and Unity.


Thank you guys so much!!! This will help us out entirely!!! That makes so much more sense now! We were having so many problems with the SDK, but this makes it more clear. Will try this out soon, and will let you know what happens!

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No problem!:wink: Good luck! :+1: