Plain Button and Appearance Bug

After adding a Plain Button, clicking the appearance button makes the button grow incredibly. When I try to fix this, the text inside the button and the button edges don’t match.

In addition, the things I would like to point out are (I wanted to contribute);

  • We should be able to adjust the display settings, I would like to be able to customize how big the screen will be.

  • There is no window showing the display properties of the image.

  • We should be able to get apk output in the phone. (I don’t know how hard it is for programming)

  • A tool can be brought to edit the animations of the images (sprites) we have in the Editor.

Thank you for developing such a beautiful program for phone and computer.


That’s impossible unless you can get a game engine on a phone, and that would be way too hard to do.

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Hello, thanks for the reply. I realized that Ready is not enough for visual programming and that the promised features do not work stably. It’s really ridiculous that the program I’ve only been using for 4 days is full of bugs. The bugs I mentioned about this were just one of them. It’s time to research another visual programming engine. I hope Ready starts to do much better and comprehensive work in the future. Good luck to the developer team.

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Could you give some examples?

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