Pet Simulator (offline)

I made this game!
Rules :
Click Green Button To Get Money
Click Blue Button To Open Shop
Click The Twitter Button For Codes (Sorry Secret , because the done {violet block} button is broken)
Read Red Button as “Back” (In the shop , you can find the red button in the start and the end of the pet list)

Be rich , Collect all 10 (or 11) pets!
Show off your friend the pets you collected

Tip :
If you already bought the Pet you have , you can buy it again so it will upgrade the pet stats

Pets :
If you click the green button without pet , it add +1 Money
If you click the green button with pig , it add +2 Money
If you upgrade your pig , it give +3 Money and if you keep upgrading it
It gives a lot of money , as for the other pets
Your goal here is to get all 10 (or 11) pets!

To Make Game easier for you , You have to get the “VIRUS PET” , But how? , it is not in the Shop…it is only somewhere there

500 Billion is equal to 1 Million Alien Coins (Green coins)
you can convert normal coins to alien coins
if you have 500 Billion , click the green coins beside the green button
and then you will lose 500 billion and get 1 Million

Promblem in this game :
It has no Save and load Button , But if the ready maker upgrade it! this game will be cool i guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Credits to “Pet simulator From Roblox


Wow, cool logic. :clap::clap::clap: Yeah, we add this in the future!