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Full Info/ Application: RGN Dev Program — The Ready Games
Deadline Sept 30

The last couple of years, Ready Games has been building mobile game development tools to allow developers to add a social PvP component into their mobile games.

We originally built the tools for our own studio and realized that we wanted to empower more developers to build social PvP games. We are now ready to test our suite of tools, and are looking for a few developers globally, of different backgrounds, to test these tools out on their own games. As part of the offering, we want to empower these developers to build successful games and want to give them

  • $3K participation payment to help them market their game
  • Marketing collateral for their game, including a logo design by one of our designers
  • Initial dev fee waived for all games turned RGN for the next year
  • Game promoted to 1,300,000+ RGN players on RGN
  • Free Premium Dev page on our RGN network/ Premium Game badge, when the dashboard is launched
  • Personal Discord group on our RGN forum server for their game
  • We will assign them one of our in-house developers to support them while they “turn their game social”
  • $1 for every RGN user that comes through and signs up to the network through their game (up to $10K) - model will change to a revenue share model once program is launched. Ready Games Network

MUST know how to work with Unity. We’d like to start in October. We are looking to have a “rolling game jam” in which as we choose the developers we’d like to work with, they can start working on their game. The integration test should take 1-2 weeks. The games must be built using Unity and the rest we’ll take care of. If you think this would be a great opportunity for all you developers, please feel free to apply!

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