Official sprite topic for "READY"

This topic was created for forum members to share Art/Sprites they’ve created so they can be used by other members of the Ready forum.

COOL!, I look forward to using that ability to upload Gifs.
That will be a lot easier and less time consuming than having to upload each individual frame to animate a sprite.



stone hammer sprite




3D eyemonster16bit


This is awesome @Suzzy-Grey :slight_smile:

I think you will love the new GIF feature we have in the next version coming out next week.


Super. Would be great for an endless runner.


Yes, that was the idea.

I created the 3D shark animations

Both videos are of Ready projects


These are cool. Are the objects (dune buggy / shark) GIFs as well? There’s a method where you can start/stop the GIF playing based on events, so the Shark would “swim” as the user controls it. The stark could have some “splashes” that animate with it (not background) to give the illusion of interacting with the water.


I used the set GIF frame when joystick is pressed left/right to face those angles slightly.
Start/Stop the looping wasn’t needed as the shark sets to a single frame when joystick move is left/right
Next thing to do is make some clone splashes that set position to shark when made and move down the screen and get destroyed. I want to leaping into the air as well.


Excellent. Psyched to see!

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I ran a small test to see how many sprites “Ready” can detect being pressed at the same time.
The app was able to detect 3 sprites being pressed at the same time so far (that I’ve tested)

The 2 other popular free game block coding apps “Ready” is competing with, (not mentioning their names) can only detect 1 sprite being pressed or tapped at a time.

So “Ready” is currently the best free IOS app for making simultaneous multiplayer games without having to use a coding language like Objective C, Lua, Ruby etc…


Thank you @Suzzy-Grey ! This is great news)

A few users are using 1 frame car sprites in their games lately on READY.
If i made an animated Gif of a 3D car with 8 frames for front back,sides,diagonals, do you think anyone would use them?

Do you think most users currently can’t be bothered having to make the extra code for the 8 frames/directions?

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Hi @Suzzy-Grey! I like both the first and second idea! I think that somebody could use your animations for the games, maybe we could even publish it on our other resources. The new logic is always interesting and useful, I think it can also be useful to someone. Thank you!

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@Suzzy-Grey! Cool :slightly_smiling_face::+1: We Expect the end result!

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I won’t have time to code for the next 5 weeks.
Rather than using software to make 3D models, i think it will be easier to photograph a toy car from different angles and make a 3D animated Gif.

Thank you @Suzzy-Grey ! Do not worry about it! I wish you the next 5 weeks went well for you :blush: !