Not Sure What Is The Issue

Hey @Ready! Are the ReadyMaker Servers slow or down today, cause since a few hours ReadyMaker is not working well


It’s strange … we started to face similar problems after the start of the coronavirus and we can’t influence it in any way … We think … that there are some interruptions in Internet traffic around the world due to increased load … because our server is always online.


Agreed! Due to COVID-19, most of the world has switched to the internet. Quite possible this could be the reason.

In case you might need more info on what issue I am facing, so actually, when using, ReadyMaker just hangs and nothing happens. I have to switch to any other window and then close ReadyMaker


@samsajwani1234 keep in mind that ReadyMaker is rather complex and puts a heavier load on both internet connections and devices than something like an average website, so even if it’s not experiencing any more delay than everything else, it might seem like it.


Hmm… right @auntiel! Also due to increased use of internet since this year has slowed down the internet speed a little all over the world. So we are most likely to face such issues!