Newbie: I need help with using Ready Maker on Ipad

G’day from Australia.

I have just downloaded the Ipad version for Ready Maker, and it looks as though it is a great program.

I do have a question please.

In extremely simply terms could you explain how the random number generator works.

As in introduction to the random number generator, I would like to

  1. Display a stationary object on the screen.
    2. Click on object.
    3. Choose a random number.
    4. Move object random number of pixels (is it possible to move in pixels?), in a random direction.
    5. .Wrap around screen if necessary.
    loop back to step 2.

Would it be possible for some kind soul to do this for me and show me a screen dump?

Thank you for your assistance and hooroo for now.



Good day from Arkansas! :wave:

Welcome to the Ready community Paul! Glad to have you here.

From what you’ve asked, I have done this:

I placed a simple circle onto the scene

This will be our stationary object for this example. Then I added a random number behavior to the circle

In the event section, I did this to code the object to choose a random number once it is clicked. When it generates a certain number, it will move a certain direction. I gave 2 different examples: if it generates a 1 or a 2

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or there’s something I missed, definitely let me know!


Hey there.

Thank you SOOOO much for taking the time to explain how random numbers work. I also had a quick look at the video link you gave me.

When you posted it was 12.15 am Monday in Melbourne, South East Australia. I guess it would have been quite late where you are :smile:

Best wishes in your studies and in your programming.

I am sure I will be back to ask some more questions.




Oh no, it was 9pm (21:00) when I posted- but I do indeed stay up VERY late every night :joy:

I’m glad I could help! Thank you for your support as well, I really appreciate it.

If you have any other questions, I’ll be more than happy to help! :slight_smile: