New lite version of COMBAT JET

And an image of the game

It has a reset button between the health bars in case the airplane stuck after the start screen

The boss appears after a few seconds

After you beat him press reset to play again

It is optimised for Android phones screen


Hi @Johnniestudio ! Looks much better :+1:, but the project takes a very long time to load, perhaps there is a problem with the optimization of assets in the project (There are too many of them or they are large in size, or you just need to update the link on the forum)
Here are some simple tips for optimizing projects:

  • Try to optimize the size of your assets so that the project loads faster.
  • Try to use object cloning where possible and be sure to remove clones when they are not needed
  • Optimize the background in the game. For example, if you use clouds, try using multiple and reset the position for them when they are not visible, or use a cloning system.
  • Optimize your events, avoid a blank lines
  • Remove all unnecessary objects in the scene that you no longer use

Also, it is very important to always remix the project (Backup). I recommend always working with the remix, you can delete the backups later. Because if something goes wrong or you make a mistake and break your project, you can always revert to its previous version.


Hi ready leader.First of all thank you for the effort to educate us, i appreciate it.You helped me to consider the limitations of the game makers programs and try to find my limitations.i was thinking to move to unity but you helped me to understand that i m still a beginner and i need more time to spend to ready maker to understand the general idea of gaming development.i will try to follow your proposals and improve the optimization of this project. The next project will be a boxing gameπŸ˜€ i will keep you informed
E.g. i have a question for you. What do you think can cause the extensive loading time, the bad optimization of the assets or the bad optimization of the events?


Hi @Johnniestudio ! Thanks! No problem! :metal:
Most often it is bad optimization of the assets (large file size and their number, correct size for the assets is about 100kb for each, the smaller the better). For example, you can use one or two sprites of 300 kb, but the rest should preferably not be more than 100 kb.

Also if there are about 100 events, this can also be the reason.

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Thank you very much,:+1: