New Life Meters and Effects to Life Meters


I find it would be cool if we had more variations to our life meters and example adding a flashing effect if the player gets damaged near the end of the players health or enemy is health bar.

Example video

Example image

Example image 2



For the hearts life meter u can make the hearts transparent and slide a rectangle sprite thats half black and red left-right behind the hearts to color them red-black


Thanks for the idea I will do this.

But for a health bar like this red flashing one when damaged like the red flashing trim would be awesome.

or the muticolor one at full health.


Here’s the gif i made for the demo project below,

Press the blue circle to reduce the red HP bar that also flashes when the circles pressed.
When the circles not pressed, the bar is just red.
Hope this helps and gives you some coding ideas for future use.


That’s really cool but how would you code it to only flash near the end of you’re life meter and only have a red trim flashing?


If you make a 1 or 2 player fighting game that requires a health bar like in DOA, i’ll agree to code a replica of the DOA health bars for you to copy from.


Sure that would be awesome but a red flashing trim one when on low health?