New game! Falling Leaf

Hi everyone! We have made a new game called “Falling Leaf”

For computers, press the UP key to jump!

Play here:


This is cool. I noticed a glitch - after playing it maybe 4 or more times, the game will restart with the lead having a upward velocity so it flies off screen. You need to fully exit the game and reload the project to clear the issue. My guess is that you need to fully restart the scene on game end. But I’m not sure.



Thank you for reporting this glitch. We noticed this before and we can’t really seem to know why this happens. Our guess is that it has something to do with the red button if you tap it too many times. We are trying to decide if we should keep the button or add something else that makes you jump.


After around 5 plays in a row, the glitch with the leaf flying up and out of the screen when the game starts, happened to me as well.
Instead of using “JUMP” , you could try using physics.
Maybe this won’t cause the glitch.

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We will check this out! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I really like this game, working on getting better at it.

Thank you! Let us know if you’re getting better or not!

I love the gorgeous leaf theme! Playing on the computer with the “up arrow” key I didn’t experience the “flying leaf” glitch but I did notice that I can keep the game going indefinitely by staying at the top of the screen, near the score label, because there are no falling leaves up there. You might want to consider adjusting the travel of the leaf cloner (assuming that’s your structure).

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