New Game - Catstronaut

Started this last night to show my son the app, he mentioned flappy bird, but i ended up with this instead.

Really happy with the code on the ufo in the background. It can do some interesting things during the game. I had it checking position off the shuttle at first, but the change to making it only follow the player jump command really made it better, while also fixing the runaway size problems i was having. Its pretty hard, but not that hard. I guess game tuning is a art of its own.


What is the objective?

Best score in 3 minutes.

The bubble and astronaut add points, the aliens and comets subtract. The blue pill zeros the counter, useful if you are negative not so much if you have points.

Its sorta hard to get 50. I think its a bit long too, maybe 2 minutes with a faster pace.

Game tuning.

Its very different now. I got some playtester feedback, resulting in changes to just about all the effects and objects, and its a better game for it.

Trying to solve a bug. The bang effect should run when the comet collides with the player, and it does maybe 1 out of 40 hits. Is it a collision issue, or did i call for it wrong?

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:, you are absolutely right.