Network5’s new Medium Article - “Launching a Game Studio While in High School”


Wow, we are so excited to share this with you guys today!

Us here at Network5 have been working with a few members on the Ready team for a while now on this article.

We created a medium article to share our story on creating a Game Studio while in high school. This story means a lot to us, and shares a lot of information on how we started, what we do, what we want to do, and also what we believe in!

Read our Medium article & story here -


@Network5! Wow, this is an amazing story!:clap: You are a great team :+1:. We wish you great creative success.:slightly_smiling_face:


Great article.


Thank you @Suzzy-Grey & @Ready! That is very kind. Means a lot to us!


We are now on Reddit!

We will be reaching out to a new audience, and will be promoting our games there as well!

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