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Cool. How exactly do you make tokens? Will Reef have ads play in your game before each game starts?
How many times does your game need to be played by users before you make a $1 profit.
Can the tokens even be converted to real money?


For more information on tokens, you can find them here:

You can also receive tokens from selling games - converting them to real profit.

To go to the home page of the site, go here -

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To add on, developers receive 3% of the profit from gamers. 97% going to gamers alone.

Reef has a very small cut in taxes compared to other websites who are making smaller game studios struggle to make a living.

Squid Tokens is a cryptocurrency. However it can be exhancged towards real money of course.

For more information, check their introduction video towards their company:


It will be interesting to see how it works out for you when your games playable wih Reef.
Possibly the way money is made is the players device is used for mining the cryptocurrency and small portion is shared with the user and developer. Reef looks legit. There is actualy viruses for android that use a users device wihout their knowledge to mine cryptocurrencies. The viruses use the battery power and wears out the devices cpu/gpu.
So $5 of cryptocurrency mined will have used at least $5 of battery power. When Reef is up and running, we’ll see how they make a profitable business model from players, other than the sale of a game.


Super excited for them! They plan to be fully complete by Q2 of 2020!


Maybe @Ready could mine cryptocurrencies using a players device when playing a Ready game in their contests.