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Hey everyone :wave:

There is a video that has been planned on for over 6 months now, and will soon begin production- releasing 3.27.2019! Do you recognize the month and day?

Well, for this special video… here’s the soundtrack that’ll be played for a special reason~

This is the only sort of news that we will share about this very special video, so stay tuned! :blush::heart:


It’s going to be great guys! I promise :pray:


Hey guys, I would like to give a disclaimer over on our games on GameJolt.

As we so far only publish PC games, we use GameJolt &! However, we have something I must mention.

So far, we don’t receive any sort of profit off of GameJolt, and no ads are placed. This may change soon with banners alongside the screens for our games when you see our page, or maybe something else.

Within 2 weeks, you may see ads on our page.

Note: this does not apply to as we accept donations off of there, not ads.


Network5 is now eligible to sell games onto GameJolt and provide advertisements.

@Dravins has made sure to allow our account to agree to the Developer Distribution Agreement and all the legal issues included, and the process is now complete.

Ball World 3D Is now planned to come to GameJolt and when released!


As a game studio, we want to grow. As people, we want to grow. This is Network5. Our new promotion. Coming soon.


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Our first ever full promotion ad is out, take a look! -
This Is Network5 - Full Promotion Advertisement


@Network5 - cool video!:clap::clap::clap: