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@Network5 just awesome I would like to collaborate on this unity project. Direct message me for details.


We do work on unity and do export projects! We will soon be on android, and this game will come to unity!





Wow! This was a secret hard to keep! Could not wait to release this song!

Play Colorblind by IdyllEDM here, with the official soundtrack, along with a beautiful visualizer! -

IdyllEDM - Colorblind




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Sounds more TECHNO than the in game music.


@Network5 , cool sound!:+1:


Glad you guys like it!


I like it but whay genere of game would this be used in. Also i create music also im acually a full producer of music


Are you making a game to go with this release?


You can take it that way, but that’s not exactly it. This game has been in creation before that song even started being in production. I sort of asked permission to partner with IdyllEDM and we went through a several agreements here and there.


One week left til the game is out! :star_struck:


Not too long from now :eyes:




It seems you started work on a new game.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Looks very interesting!:wink:


Network5 coming to ITCH.IO!?

This is guaranteed but this is one of our plans! :wink:

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@Network5, It looks very good :+1:!


@Ready thank you! Will make some minor adjustments & improvements soon!


…thanks :wink:


Hey guys, it’s been a while since we’ve had an update!

Well, we have something absolutely awesome to show you today…

What!? Network5 clothing!?

That’s right! We have 11 different items you can buy! All from shirts, hoodies, hats, and even bags!

We’ve used Spreadshirt to allow our logo to be placed onto different types of clothing.

We are super excited about this, and we hope you guys are too!!

You can visit the link here to buy any sort of item you want from this! -

Here’s some images if you’re interested:


Love this whole community, and it shows how quickly something can grow. Network5 isn’t even a year old yet!! That’s insane!