Network5 is Now on GameJolt!

Hello everyone!

Network5 is back on GameJolt again! A while ago, we noticed errors in our published games when you downloaded them. This was an error that needed to be fixed, so we talked to @Ready on the issue.

After several days of communicating, a solution was found! Huge thanks Ready for the help!

Volleyball Score, Pink Skies, and The Night Walk are all updated to 0.1.2 to fix this error, and are on Windows 64-bit as well (including original windows).

Download and play our games:

Visit our website:

Tool Dash is Coming to GameJolt soon!..


@Network5! This is great news! Congratulations! :wink::clap:


“Visit our website:” - the this link not working for me :roll_eyes:


Hi @Ready!

This is strange… that is our official website link for our games.

Try our original website html:

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@Network5 Maybe… now just problem with the my internet provider. :roll_eyes:

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Remember Tool Dash?

Well, it’s coming to Windows today!


Tool Dash is now out!

We plan to release our first Hide N Seek game Monday!

Here’s a list of our GameJolt games:



We had enough time to go out and publish 2 more games onto GameJolt!

We released the first and second game of our Hide N’ Seek series!

Download the first game:

Download the second game:

Visit our website for a list of our games:


Cool, you are moving very fast :+1::clap:

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Thank you!

Had some extra free time so I decided to publish some more.

Going to publish show your talent next week!

After that, we will go back to developing our current project :wink:


Hello Ready Users!

Show Your Talent is now ready to be downloaded on GameJolt for free!

Important Notice: This game is in an early access stage. Why is this game early access on GameJolt, but is completely stable on ready? Well, during publishing, the game works fine on ready on PC, however, when transferred to unity, some buttons are not responsive. For now, we have a small solution, and will fix this in the v0.0.6 update. Press Z to silence the music, and press the space bar to enter the game. Gameplay works fine, and the scoring works great. It’s just the buttons that are not responding!

Hope you guys understand, we will try to resolve this!

Play here -

this game is in v0.0.5


The game looks great! One moment, try added all the buttons to the “User Interface” layer!

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