Network5 Half Year Game: Show Your Talent!

Wow! Happy half a year everyone! We have had a lot happen in 6 months, too much to even count. We have learned a lot, and have created many many things! Our games have grown, and so has our development! We are so excited to show you guys our 6 month anniversary game, Show Your Talent!


  • Tap a vinyl when a note is touching that said vinyl. An effect will appear and you will earn a point!
  • Don’t touch the bombs! You will lose a life!
  • Don’t miss the notes! You will also lose a life!
  • The game progressively increases in difficulty. How high can you score?

What you need to know:

  • At the end of each game, a number will appear on a sticky note. This is the judges score.
  • Judges score on how many lives you have, and how high you score after each game. Each game is 150 seconds long.
  • Games will end if you lose all of your lives, or if you surpass 150 seconds.

(This game is recommended to be played on mobile!)

As this is our 6th Month Anniversary game, we wanted Show Your Talent to have a special meaning behind it! In our info section, we state “this game is meant out to everyone who believes they have no talent.” We wanted this game to have a meaning that everyone, including you reading this, has talent!

Go out and enjoy our special game! We worked really hard on this, and wanted this game to be perfect for our half year game!

Play here:

Read our Soundtrack Usage Rights:

Show Your Talent has also gone through a lot of developmental stages. Here’s the difference in v0.01 & v1.0

The Stage:


Judges Corner:

We want to let everyone know that it is possible to make your game look better, and to also improve! We hope that’ll bring out some sort of inspiration!

Have fun playing Show Your Talent!


Wow!:open_mouth: Congratulations!:clap::clap::clap: Really cool game!:+1:

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Thank you!! I’m glad you like it! :star_struck:

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