Neon Hardcore [Alpha] [Chinese New Year Event!]


this game may lag, but still works.

-Field of memories by Waterflame
-Dogfight from Ace Combat Assault Horizon
-The Angle Among Demons by instrumental core
-Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Lindsey Stirling
-Crystal Cave by Teminite And Panda Eyes



Hi @DerekEu! Thanks for the your game!:+1:
But the this game opens for a very long time on the my device. I suggest you make an optimization for the assets. It is necessary to reduce their size in any graphic editor (for example in the Photoshop). Then the your game will be available for the all devices.


This is an amazing game!!

I really like the idea and how it goes along with the music!! Great job! :clap:

Have you thought about putting this game on an App Store? That would be seriously cool. I’d definitely download it.


@DerekEu! This is strange, but this game for me was very slowly loaded earlier (Perhaps this problem was on my part, perhaps the slow Internet, sorry :roll_eyes:), but now it works fine and yes I also wanted to say that your game looks amazing!:+1::+1::+1:


Thanks for the support, and also the reason this game might slow a bit it’s because of the bar that goes down called “Neon” can’t be deleted. When I set them to delete after hitting the delete part they will spawn back very slow, so I put them to hidden after hitting the delete part for now. So this game will work smoothly on PC but if phone I am not sure, my phone lags a lot after playing it for a few seconds.


I played on mobile and it worked flawlessly :ok_hand:


A new major update coming soon also includes Christmas event

Edit: The game is close for now, but it won’t be long

Edit 2:Due to some issues the update may delay a bit, if can the update will be finnish today.


Major Update is out!

Update Log:

  • Added 3 more stages
  • Balanced COMBO needed
  • Decreased jet ability power
  • Added Christmas Event
  • Added main menu
  • Added back to menu button “Exit”
  • Added tutorial
  • Fixed bugs

Next Update

  • Rival Stage
  • More ability [Ice Wall and Carpet Bombing]
  • Show unlocked ability when playing
  • Show all ability in main menu
  • More characters

it may lag when you reach event level, so reply me if you did. Thank You!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Update Log:

  • Chinese New Year Event
  • Balanced difficulty
  • Balanced “Neon” speed
  • Chinese New Year Lobby

Hope you have a great day :fireworks:


Hi @DerekEu, Happy Chinese New Year! :boom:Thank for the your update! :clap:


Happy Chinese New Year! :pig: :boom: