Nebula WarZ: WoD *HOTFIX*

Introducing Nebula WarZ : Waves of Destruction Alpha launch 2 HOTFIX


Fixed collides for better performance
Added Mini Boss
Fixed wave amount glitch
In this final Alpha once you get to 50 health regen back to 50 health kicks in
This will be the final alpha and test of the game.

@Ready be warned multiple downloads of the app ReadyMaker might happen soon. A lot of people want to try the game.

Release Notes:

  1. UI changes
    • No more life meter.
    This means more health for player instead of a limited 100% health

  2. Full blown wave system!!!
    • This means every wave is a challenge. Everything has a health system so just guess what changes each wave.

  3. Introducing Damage
    • Players and enemy damage system. It’s pretty fair now that your damage goes up with the waves. Maybe it goes up in other ways too.

  4. Mini boss
    • It spawns randomly and it’s no joke so let’s do this.

Fixed gram rate issues
Smoother Gameplay
Added Fx to multiple sprites
New Scoring system

Coming soon

Power ups
Scrollable background/Parallax backgrounds
And more.

Testing here only. No copying remix is fine but legal actions will be taken if my profit is made from this game. This is an alpha version there will be bugs and glitches that might render the player frustrated. Please report any glitches or bugs here any suggestions please post them in I category forum or message me directly. I’m spending a lot of time doing this cause it’s what I love so please criticize bluntly and don’t spare any change.

Thank you for trying and test this Alpha release #2. The full release will be based off of player review and full support. If you are affected by the hurricane my deepest regards and hopefully you’ll se me down there rescuing my fellow Americans.


Hi @TriStarsGames!
I have some tips for improving the game:

  1. Use the “Box” and “Circle” cilliders instead of “Polygon”, since they greatly affect the performance
  2. Make the button for shooting visible, since at start it is not quite clear how to shoot
  3. Optimize the background image, it looks very large and is late with loading at the start of the scene

I’ve worked a little on your project, look at this version:

It works much faster for WEB

Also you can use this optimized background for your game:


Hey I’ve been testing the game… a few comments:

  • The enemies can shoot and drive me to the far edge of the screen. There’s no method to fly back to the center. This seems kind of weird, because once you’re stuck in a far corner, it gives you a kind of advantage as no enemies or asteroids affect you from the side on the corner.
  • On my phone the controls are kind of small, especially the left contra pad. Consider making the diameter a bit bigger, maybe like 25% bigger.
  • Not clear what it takes to kill the player. I seemed to live forever. How do you die?

Overall it’s really nice, and very cool game!


In this alpha it’s literally god mode after you lose 50 health the regen system kicks in for the debuggers and for those who like to give advice. I feed off of it a lot. I’m going on the pic version now and fixing for the beta Build with lots more in store just keep rolling in the ideas or fixes and bugs this hot fix was to address some of those issues the beta is the reallll test


This game is getting better and better! Very unique, and super fun. Seeing many things that I have never seen before in our games, or in any Ready game! Love to see this game grow!