My game requires support of Japanese Hiragana/Katakana

If you add support for the text box object to accept Japanese Hiragana/Katakana unicode characters I’ll be able to easily complete my game without having to create my own transparent Hiragana/Katakana sprites.

I tried adding Hiragana characters to the text box object’s text property and it shows up as a box in the ui, leading me to assume this character set is unsupported.

I’ll continue creating the game with sentinel values, hoping a Japanese character patch might be added.

Btw, I’m running ready maker on android, if support for these characters exists on windows, I’ll gladly install it on there?


Hi @alucard ! Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately, we do not support this language. I’m not sure if it will be added in the future, although we have plans to add a few more languages to the game and i marked your request on our backlog list. :japanese_castle:

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