My assets do not load and says that I am offline - but this is not so

Это происходит уже 3 дня. Я не могу не сохранить проект, загрузить данные, экспортировать проект в Unity - абсолютно ничего. С моим интернет-подключением все нормально, я связался с поддержкой интернет-провайдера и он говорит что нет никаких сбоев и мой интернет работает отлично.
Может быть дело в серверах Ready Maker?
Я проживаю на данный момент в Украине, может быть - это на что-то влияет?

This has been happening for 3 days now. I can’t save the project, load the data, export the project to Unity - absolutely nothing. My internet connection is fine, I contacted ISP support and they say there are no failures and my internet is working fine.
Could it be the Ready Maker servers?
I currently live in Ukraine, maybe it affects something?

Can you screenshot or make a short video of what happens if you try?

Thanks for the answer! Certainly.
Moreover, this has been happening for like 3 days, earlier, I could both upload assets and import them into Unity. Now, when trying to load an asset, it loads, but the My assets tab, as it was deactivated, remains.
I thought maybe I should disable services in Windows Defender - after disabling nothing happened.

Our assets are not loading over here either. Seems like every month or so this issue happens.

Yeah, that looked like some sort of server issue. If you have assess to public wifi (like a coffee shop), try there. Since nobody from Ready seems to do anything around here anymore, there is nothing else I can really tell you, sorry.

And unrelated, but how did you get the weather on the left side of the Windows 11 task bar?

Now our country is at war and martial law has been introduced, it is unlikely to find a public internet, but I will try.

I updated to the latest Windows 11 version on Insider Preview, where the weather was added to the left side of the taskbar.

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Thanks for the answer!

Public internet not working

Glad you found one, but sorry it’s not working. I don’t work for ready, and although I have a basic idea about how there system works, I don’t know enough to tell you why it’s not working.

My best guess is that the server or client is timing out, but without the ability to see logs or a debug view, I can’t say for certain.

Hello Artem Kritinin! I have a question, Right now, Something like this error is happening to me. Has this error in the server stop happening, And if it did, How long did it take until you were able to use your assets?

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