Music Maker add on

I saw some of the game making apps contains a music maker. It’s basically a add on for users to create music and use it in their game. Why not adding a simple music maker add on?


Good question. But with Ready you can import any sound effects you want. So rather than re invent a music editor, we propose you use your favorite music and sound editor, export the files as ogg and then … import to Ready.


By the way, the main reason I suggest this is because some people like to make their own music to avoid copyright and they don’t have to download another music maker app to do so. But this is just my own opinions, because I don’t see any easy music maker apps out there. The only music maker app best suited for users that wants to make simple music are the add on music maker from a game making app. Although, It’s still alright if Ready Maker does not have these content.


If you need a good app based multitrack audio app, its hard to beat this one.

And they do have a trial version also.