Multiple levels


Hello everyone.
How can I create multiple levels game?


Hi @Picio.
At the moment we have not yet fully implemented the multi-level system, but you can use the option “Load my project” to switch between projects. Example:

  1. Create two new projects (for example, “Level 1” and “Level 2”)
  2. Create a condition under which you must go to the next level (For example, if your score = 20)
    Event Example:


     Score Label/Score Label/Set Value/20


     System/System/Load My Project/Level 2


Ok, but will stuff be shared among projects?
I mean, let’s say I make a player in project 1, will this be available in project 2?


No, you have to do two separate projects.


Thanks. What a sin, I hope this will change ASAP

Edit: I also hope Ready generates APK from the app instead of from Unity


No, you can create apk only with help the Unity. (Because we need use the SDK and JDK)


Technically, is possible to create apk from your app.
Have a look in AIDE ( or Sketchware (


Yes, but not in our case, our code is written in C# language and we use a lot of additional plugins and libraries.


Oh, I see. In truth this makes a lot of sense.
Sideways, I’d ask you to use Xamarin, but I know it’s not the same thing, as Unity is radically different and much more game oriented.