Multiple levels

Hello everyone.
How can I create multiple levels game?

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Hi @Picio.
At the moment we have not yet fully implemented the multi-level system, but you can use the option “Load my project” to switch between projects. Example:

  1. Create two new projects (for example, “Level 1” and “Level 2”)
  2. Create a condition under which you must go to the next level (For example, if your score = 20)
    Event Example:


     Score Label/Score Label/Set Value/20


     System/System/Load My Project/Level 2

Ok, but will stuff be shared among projects?
I mean, let’s say I make a player in project 1, will this be available in project 2?

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No, you have to do two separate projects.

Thanks. What a sin, I hope this will change ASAP

Edit: I also hope Ready generates APK from the app instead of from Unity

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No, you can create apk only with help the Unity. (Because we need use the SDK and JDK)

Technically, is possible to create apk from your app.
Have a look in AIDE ( or Sketchware (


Yes, but not in our case, our code is written in C# language and we use a lot of additional plugins and libraries.

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Oh, I see. In truth this makes a lot of sense.
Sideways, I’d ask you to use Xamarin, but I know it’s not the same thing, as Unity is radically different and much more game oriented.