Linier Spawn using triggers//

so check this out make sure you create an event that adjusts the camera to the cloner.


system reapeat every scene start

camera set position to abject cloner that way you can view the movement of the spwawner.

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Sorry to say, but all i got was a blank black screen.
I played a few times and still had the same result

Also black screen for me, and i also can see the small object in the top screen which moves :roll_eyes:

Same thing here too :joy:

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go in and remix and set the cloners and triggers to unhidden

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My IPad 3 has half the ram of my galaxy tab and weaker processors,
Yet your project runs fine on Ready on my IPad 3.

Interesting, the cloner square slides left and right and makes a clone asteroid when it collides with your red walls.

I suppose you could use a timer and repeat every random 1 to 4 secs, cloner clone asteroid.
This would make the location of spawned asteroids a bit more random.

If you wanted the asteroids to come from any location outside the screen, you could join an outside Sprite to a Sprite in the center.
Then spin the center Sprite, this will make the outside Sprite orbit around the iPad’s screen. Then use a timer to have an asteroid randomly spawn at the outside sprites location.


That i do know but this is for only linier spawning. It also helps me with the ability ro use more variables for a new wave system though the asteroids anly spawn when the triggers are hit with variables i can change the speed of certain asteroids to be faster or slower randomly or limit how many ive acually found a less time consuming way to have the cloner spawn a certain amout than stop for that time for the player to either rest or defeat other enemies


Yes, you adjust the speed of the cloner and alter the speed the clones are made based on a collision.
That’s what you want to happen and it works.
You mentioned you were going to start using UNITY.
Have you used Unity yet and if so, what have you made?
I downloaded the latest version of Unity 3D, but haven’t had time to use it.

Compared to CONSTRUCT, Unity 3D UI is overly complicated, but seeing it’s also designed to make 3D games and is free, makes putting up with the UI bearable.

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So im scratching my nebuala warz project and keeping it with ready fir now until i rinidh my unity self teaching course. To me its acually easy to set up just put only tge main windows needed to buils the project its the coding that stops me.

Its really not hard to code just calling the right action is crazy. Ive created a ball rolling game in simple 3rd person mode and bow working on my first simple maze priject called Escape. Its a first person/3rd person maze game you have to collect objects to open doors and finish the maze.

Its Basef iff the tutorial call Roll a Ball. Simple but yet it twaches you a lot about the unity interface. I sugest do some folliw alongs and pace yourself no matter if its drag and drop code or full blown problem solving, without knowing the ui and gui yoyr always gonna have problens which in turn makes you not want to make a game. And we dont want that at all.

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