Limit of possibilities

Hey there,

@Ready i wonder if you consider how much creative and complex project can be created by your apps?

Is it possible to create something like New Super Mario Bros or games point&click like Broken Sword? I mean similar mechanics, animation:)

Greetings :slight_smile:


Hi @hdarts2011 - “New Super Mario Bros” - it’s quite possible to implement, but a bit in a simplified version, we already had a successful attempt to make this game. As for the rest of the games where complex animation is required, this is still difficult to do, since a huge amount of assets is required. The mechanic itself is not difficult. The problem occurs when you download a large number of assets. For a single scene with a lot of assets, it’s hard to achieve the necessary performance. Perhaps when we have a multi-level system, with a gradual ability to load assets, this will make it much easier.