Is there a way to slow down the animated gifs in the great learn tutorials

G’day from Australia again.

The tutorials in the Learn-Ready page are excellent.

However, I am not as young as I used to be, weighing in at 72 years of age :wink:. Soo, I do find it a bit difficult to keep up and learn the tutorials especially when the events are shown for a very short time.

Is there any way to slow these presentations down, by perhaps clicking on the screen?

Of perhaps there is a way that I could download the gif?

As I say the tutorials are brilliant but a bit hard for me to keep up with.

Thank you for your help.



Hello @paulfromaus :slightly_smiling_face:. We have duplicated the main tutorials in the video format. You can study them using the playlist on the our YouTube channel:


Thank you for your quick response.

That is great news.