Is there a way to select muiltple objects

Is there a way to select muiltple objects at once?

Aswell im having problems making a object be followed by the camera do u have a event list for that?

Ah i found how for cam

Hi @TeamMeridian, please tell us in more detail what help you need.

Just is there a way to select muiltple blocks and drag them all at once

Hi! For this you can use the “Join” behavior and “Counter” behavior. When you select the objects add counter value. Example: If counter = 1, affected objects in class Block/Join to/Header block. Next Steps: If header block/ Dragging ended/ All objects in class block/ counter = 0. If all objects in class block = 0/Header block/Unjoin .This examples, you can come up with other conditions for your project.

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Hi @Ready!

Does your tip still work in the current version of Ready? I tried it, but when I update the counter value for the affected object in class, it apparently updates the counter value for ALL objects in the class. Or did I do something wrong. (In the example, the intention is to turn the background green after all class objects (keys) have been picked up by the player (skater)).


Could you use a variable and code the background to go green when variable reaches a desired value?
Like collect 10 keys. Each time a keys collected, add 1 to the variable. When variable equals 10, change background to green.


I tried that but I wasn’t able to figure out how to create a condition for when the key is collected i.e. for the first time the player senses touching a key. We had:

if player/sensing/touching object/class keys
do affected object from class keys/set position to object/player;

But once a key is picked up, in each subsequent frame the condition is true and the counter is incremented, so it counts endlessly and reaches the threshhold (almost) immediately after the first key is picked up. Or am I missing something?


I’ll code a demo of what you are trying to do and paste the link here tommorow


You move the girl to collect 5 keys.
Each time a keys collected, it’s angle is turned 45 degrees greater than the last key collected.
So it’s easier to see all keys carried by the girl.

The demo is a little bit glitchy when played thru a web browser on pc.


D’oh! So the solution is to use sensing/collided-with-object instead of sensing/is-touching-object. I should have looked a little more closely at the options; feeling a bit foolish now. Thank you @Suzzy-Grey for taking the time to code this helpful demo!


Thanks. I played your brick breaker game.
It was fun to play


Thank you for the kind words! I’ll share it with my young student on Monday. I think he’ll like it, although he might not fully understand how it works.