Is it possible to update an APP Icon on a published game?


I’m curious if this is possible or not?

Google Play Store.

Amazon Store.

Windows Store.

APP Store.


Yes, if you upload the new build with the new icon


Awesome how would I include the icon I have not updated a new build yet still on first build so how would I do both?

Can’t be to hard.


It’s very simple, the icon that you upload in the Unity is displayed to users after installing your application. You can not change it if it is not in the build.
You cannot have two published builds, after you add a new build to the store, the old one becomes inactive.


Awesome that’s pretty easy.

But say I change something and want to publish the 2nd build to my game how would that work?

Like do I need a new APK and of course other kinds of files depending per store each build?


Of course - the new build is the new apk


Of course - the new build is the new apk


Awesome thanks first time ever doing this now I know :slightly_smiling_face: