iOS problems with ‘stay in frame’ behavior and background bug

Hello, brand new to game making. I am working my way through a tutorial of making my first game.

Several issues I am having.

One issue is the “stay in frame” (SIF) behavior.

When I add the SIF behavior in portrait mode, my character only has a small area of which it will move.

I have checked to ensure the padding was not constricting my character and that is not the issue.

My character will move out of frame to the right and bottom of the screen.

issue 2

I tested landscape mode and my character was moving in the screen appropriately and staying in frame.

I added a background and now the character moves immediately to the right hand side of the screen and stays there.

The character doesn’t respond to the controls and stays at the right hand of the screen whenever a background is added.

Any help with these bugs would be much appreciated.

This is my first project so I’d love to have a smooth platform to simply test a simple game to even see if I want to go further.

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  1. Select the background, open the appearance tab, and set it’s layer to “Background”.

  2. Test

That’s defiantly weird. You do have a way to control the player, correct? Also, try turning on the “Show Collider” in the appearance tab.

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That’s good advice. I hadn’t set the appearance as a background. Thank you.

And yes for the stay in frame issue, I had a controller enabled.

I do believe I had the collider on but will double check.

I don’t know what happened, but things started working in portrait when I added a ready maker asset background and placed the custom background on top of it.


I’m clueless as to why that worked but it got me able to finish the game last night.


Glad you got it working! If you would like, you can share your game here so we can play it! :grinning:

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Haha I very much appreciate your support and enthusiasm, but it was just a game I followed from a tutorial to make.

I will certainly upload games that I’ve made when I am able to complete an original idea :slight_smile:


I find the best games I make is from watching the tutorials and getting ideas. For example, my flying eagle game is super similar to one of the tutorials, just with different players and such. Mess around, its easy (And what I love most about the platform)!

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