Introducing Ready Contest

The team at Ready is so excited to share our latest project with you.The Ready Contest App! Ready’s Contest App allows users to compete in a variety of simple mobile games, made in Ready Maker by indie game designers, to win cash prizes. It’s like HQ but with games instead of trivia.

Want to give it a shot! Follow these simple steps:

    1. Download and Sign up for Ready’s Competition App here:
    1. Every 48 hours a new competition begins featuring a new game, watch the countdown!
    1. During each competition you’ll have unlimited practice runs
    1. But, when your ready, you’ll have 1 competition run ONLY
    1. After each competition ends, we’ll post the scores on the leaderboard
    1. If your score is in the top 20%, you win a cash prize!

The current test link is only for Android devices, but we will be adding Apple support very soon, we are also currently region locked to the USA and Canada, but we will be expanding the app to other regions in the future. To Sign Up, for this initial release only, you will need a Facebook account; we will have other ways of signing up in the future. We will be paying out cash prizes via Paypal. As this is still an early phase of the app, if you encounter any bugs or any technical difficulties, please let us know here on the forums.

Thank you for taking part of this awesome project we look forward to seeing you on the leaderboards!