Intergrate two Ready Projects in one Unity Project

I’d like to intergrate two (or multiple) Ready projects into one Unity project. Integrating the first seems easy, but whenever I leave the Scene (PlayerScene) it looses its objects and needs to be recreated again (via Ready menu). And I can not keep two imported scenes working.

Is there a way to integrate multiple Ready projects?

Thanks a lot,



Yes, this is a good question, I will try to study it in more detail and understand what can be done.


@holger I’m only minimally familiar with Unity so forgive me if this is a dumb idea, but would it be possible to import your Ready projects into separate Unity projects, then merge the two Unity projects?


It may be possible but with this whole discussion I have 0% knowledge in. I haven’t even began learning how to do this. It would make sense though to merge the projects though


My understanding of Unity is that it stores projects in folders in the OS’s file system, in other words, you can browse your project folders like you can any other folders. For merging, I’d look for the ability to import components of one project into another project. Something like Project > Add existing… > browse for folders. Or try copying files and folders from one project to the main folder for another project, then see if Unity sees them. (Of course, make backups of everything first or experiment with throw-away projects in case any of this ends up breaking everything.)