(incorrect username or password) error

im trying to login into the app on ipad but i keep receiving (incorrect username or password) error
even though the password is correct, and i can login here in the forum just fine.

i even tried to make a new account but i keep receiving the same (incorrect username or password) error.

both accounts created on the web,
because when i try yo create the account in the iPad app i receive (Unexpected error. please try again later) i was trying from yesterday and even tried in different WIFI.
but the result is the same.

Pinging @ReadySami so it is seen.

One of these topics has a support email, but I don’t know if it is monitored as I never got a responce from it.

I will let the developers know that it seems some people are having issues. Thanks!

Not sure about an ETA for a fix as the company is currently focusing on other projects (which you can catch up on here: ready.gg) But if it is an easy fix perhaps something can be done!

Hello, an issue like this has happened to me too. I think the best way that you might be able to fix it is by creating an account using your email instead of creating a normal sign in, Hopefully that could help

As I said before, Ready team might disable Ready servers, so I think this bug is the start of collapse.

Ready maker is broken and is not gonna get fixed, I have the same problem.

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