Incorrect User Name and Password

Impossible to log in on the iPad App. This was an issue back in August. When will it be fixed? I was only able to create an account by registering on the web. Has the app been retired?

Delete the app and reinstall. It should work then.

Nope. Still doesn’t work. Downloaded the Mac desktop version and tried to log in there as well. I can log in to this forum and I did get a confirmation email when I created the account, so I know my username & password are correct.

“To recover your password, open this link” only takes me to
Application error
heroku logs --tail

Then I used a different email address to try to create a new account and I get “Oops! Unexpected error. Please try again later.”

MacBook Air M2 Ventura 13.0
iPad mini 6 iOS 16

Your forum login and ReadyMaker account login are different.

I cannot log in (and yes, my ReadyMaker account was activated from the link I was sent)

I cannot reset my password (takes me to a page that says “Application Error”)

I cannot create a new account (pop up says “Oops! Unexpected error”)

Does not work