Impossible to login

Hi everyone.
I have been using my user from some weeks but I was facing problems with the application installed on Windows 10. Assets are dissapearing sometimes and other times my project dissapears too, loosing all my progress.
I have uninstalled and installed again but now it is not asking for user.
When trying through the web, I cannot connect at all. Even I have created a new user but the register does not work at all neither.
This is the message in chrome and in edge;
request to failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate
Please, can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Hello and welcome @purpurina2021!

I will try to help you the best I can on the first two points, but unfortunately I don’t know enough of how Ready works behind the behind the scenes to help you with your main issue (@Ready will need to do that).

This might help (It’s from @Ready)

The error you described indicates that you cannot connect to our servers (They are located in North America). Unfortunately, we cannot influence this in any way, since these are problems associated with foreign traffic. Similar problems began with the onset of the coronavirus pondemic.
It’s really difficult for me to recommend you anything, probably the volume of foreign Internet traffic you have is limited, this explains the fact that some of the students can connect to our servers, and the other part cannot. As a rule, these problems most often arise for users from Eastern Europe and they are temporary (Depends on how foreign traffic is established from your Internet provider).
I hope that after some time these problems will not be repeated, but from our side we can hardly help you with anything.
Please tell me which region you live in, we will try to track users from your region and if we manage to find good advice for you, we will inform you about it. Thanks!
What technical problems could there be?

  • I’m not sure, but also try to always clear the cache before starting the lesson (Open Ready Maker/Settings/Tap to “Clear Cache”)
  • Try close another all apps on the your device
  • Clean up RAM

There could be multiple reasons for this one.

  1. You are unable to connect to the servers (See Above)

  2. You were unable to connect to the servers while saving the game

  3. There was some error with your client

What can you do?

  • Save often (Like every 10mins of after a big change)

  • When saving for the final time of the working period, take a backup (Technically called take a “Remix”). This way Ready will have to contact the servers to create a duplicate, almost guaranteeing it saves correctly.

I hope that was helpful, let me know if you have further questions.


Hi @purpurina2021 , I wanted to say that the resource “” is not available for the last half year (You can use only “” for info and downloading app). You can only sign in or create a new account using the app. How does it work for you today? Since I do not see any problems on my side today.