Import new behaviors?

hi there, I’m working on a RPG project that’s effectively “live”

my project is here;

I’ve got a few minor problems with the events menu being slightly limited with regards to inventory shuffling or just can’t figure it out :man_shrugging:t2:

would it be possible to allow scripted behaviors from c++ in the future along with a layer system up and down in the events menu class menu and hierarchy (possibly alphabetical) rather a fixed organized menu than a first in menu.

And a simple text variable.

I’ve challenged myself to make a game completely from my phone as the world is advancing technology has became smaller, I’ve searched around for applications and this is definitely the best quality and would love to see some positive app progression with regards to being the best 2d game making application on the market.

I’m slightly aware this application is relatively new :blush:

I need some ideas on how to get the blue party hat to have equip drop banking trading and item stats.

Currently working on UI interface.

Edit; also looking for a script to incorporate a more advanced event for example button Y plus Down on the controller selects wheel bag icon down, while having Y as used selected item.

Edit; I have plans to release the game on my own application.



Hey @brett! Welcome to the forum :+1::+1:! A great App

This app looks great!!!


@brett Welcome to the our Forum! :video_game: Wow, good start for the this game! :slightly_smiling_face: :clap: :clap: :clap:

“Would it be possible to allow scripted behaviors from c++ in the future …” - i`m not sure about this

For text variables, we plan to add this in the future.


I am facing a very strange bug in the link I’ve quoted below. (Rather than posting it in the #bugreports category, I am sharing it here). The project is giving a very strange error when trying to run it on the web. I am sharing screenshots of the errors. I tried running other projects on the web but those are working fine.

Hope if @Ready might know what is it about.

@brett Please see if this project is working well for you.

error1 error2 error3

It is quite strange as I have never faced such an issue earlier :confused::confused:


Hi @samsajwani1234, this project working well for me ( I`m use “Google Chrome”) . It seems that the “Unity Player” does not work correctly in the browser you are launching, it causes an error on launch. The problem is on the software side, I think it’s worth updating the Java libraries and maybe this will fix the problem. I myself have never encountered a similar problem before.


If you ask me, I don’t think it could be an issue with the browser, as I also used Google Chrome to launch it. Also, I tested many other links, all of those seem to work well. However, I would try to run the project again.


Still not working! :confused::confused:
I also tried embedding the game in a local HTML file and running the game but still, it does not run.


Faced the same issue with projects of @peaceworld in the topic

But I think I have got it now (however I am not sure) that why I am facing this issue. I am using an older version of Windows which almost every day gives me the notice that “Your PC is Out Of Support”. So what I think is this could be the actual reason for all the issues.


Yes, the problem is not in the project itself, but in the fact that new updates no longer support old devices and libraries. We cannot influence this


Well, I am not certain that this actually IS the reason or not, but it sure looks like it.

@Ready Also, some projects run absolutely fine on the web (same device) while others give the error message.