I want to insta-kill my character

Hello, I’m new here but I want to know how to kill my player if he falls into the ground (which I didn’t make collidable. Is there any way I can do this?


A certain point in the air, you can make a little “trigger” to cause this.

To do this-

  • create a rectangle
  • rotate 90 degrees
  • increase height to your desire
  • set opacity to 0%
  • solid is turned off

When you’re really high and the player touches it, it can set a “fall” Variable to 1 (you’ll have to create the Variable of course)

When: the fall Variable is equal to 1 and player is touching the ground

Do: life meter set value to 0

And the life meter at 0 could kill the player.


I did the same thing in this map, but i just set the condition to collide with/restart scene.

Look at this awesome #ReadyMaker project made with @getreadyio!

Its not finished, but the ‘killzone’ is easy to see. The method Network5 described would allow you to not reset the scene.


@Watersharer - Cool project!:clap::+1: You can also stop the walk animation, when the player idle. For example you can use the this events:

 Player/Physics/Velocity Less Than/0.1
 Player/GIF/Set Active/No


 Player/Physics/Velocity Greater Than/0.1
 Player/GIF/Set Active/Yes
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