I made Duopoly!

Hi everyone,

I built the Duopoly game posted recently by @Ready (thanks again for the color codes!). It’s a nice little game!

Here’s my share link: https://ready.app.link/FtYVTPK9o7

and here’s the post with the game instructions: https://forum.getready.io/t/ready-creating-a-game-duopoly/3966


Great job @auntiel! This is a good remake!

I think the game would be cooler if there was a game over message or maybe some sound effects! I think you can really expand off the version that was put out by Ready! :wink: :+1:


Hehe thanks @Dravins, and I was thinking the same thing. Some sound, some additional score info (display level-ups, number of hits, misses etc), maybe some performance-based criteria for leveling up. Or what if there were increasing numbers of colours? i.e. first two colours, then three colours on each of two sides, then all six sides have a different colour? Lol I suppose that would require a whole different implementation approach :smile:

But I do like that the base project “out of the box” works quite well (and might make a good student project). I like that a lot.


Great job @auntiel :clap: :slightly_smiling_face:! Yes, we always try in video tutorials to look for an easier way, so that the tutorial is short and understandable, but in this game you can create a really endless variation of levels. For example, you can increase the range of random numbers for random number behavior and add another 100 new levels with different colors.


Amazing remix of the duopoly!:clap::clap:


Thanks everyone :blush:

But the real credit goes to the Ready team for designing the game and preparing the video and asset bundles. All I did was follow the instructions :slight_smile: And in my view, providing short, understandable tutorials that people can learn from and build on is an ideal approach :+1:


Nice game @auntiel :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
And thanks for sharing the link for instructions


Thanks @samsajwani1234 :slight_smile:

I made an update with some of the suggested improvements: https://ready.app.link/oRXkT8uEP7

You might be interested to know that the Ready team create lots of games for us with instructions that they post in the “sharing” section: https://forum.getready.io/c/FAQ/sharing-playing-remixing/8