I have 2 questions

Is it possible to make infinite terrain Gen?

Is it possible to make a minimap?


Hi @DanGaming!
1)You can rearrange objects and backgrounds, as well as generate new ones as the character moves in different directions, look this example project: https://ready.app.link/nBauJIAkE0
2)I think this can be done in different ways, here is one example: https://ready.app.link/I3nbqDqBmO


A lightweight way to implement endless terrain is to use the Scrollable Texture behaviour. If I have time later I’ll look for my experiments with this feature, but I recall it being very easy (and fun!) to use.

Also, some while back a community member posted a really neat endless runner game with a bumblebee theme which was an excellent simple example of the using the technique in Ready. I’ll see if I can find that as well.


Alright I will try that

Ok scrollable texture just makes the object scroll and it repeats forever.


That is a full mini game
I can’t even find the the gen stuff I want something more simple


In fact, there are many simple examples, you can see these old gif tutorials (Unfortunately they cannot be stopped, but they are very simple):

Or using the very simple Dino game as an example:

Also, more info about the “Scrollable Texture” beh:

Also you can search “Endless Platform” tutorial in the “Learn” tab (Inside the Ready Maker).


Those are great examples, @Ready!

@DanGaming, I can recommend the Dino game personally. A year ago when my team was first learning to use Ready Maker, my non-technical colleague successfully built the Dino game from the YouTube video to give our students a taste of what’s possible with Ready.

Also, here’s the other example I mentioned. The link is a remix I saved of a game built by another community member:


And finally, here’s an old project where I was experimenting with various features, including using the texture scrolling to create a school of fish:



That’s a great tutorial but not what I’m looking for.
That dino game has 1 spawn location and 3 possible items (maybe there is more I did not watch the whole video) 3x1= 3 random number generators but I’m looking for open world gen meaning that objects can spawn basically anywhere. infinite X 3 objects = infinite amount of random number generators.

That’s why I want that terrain Gen behavior I talked about in that other post.

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A spawner can clone any object, so one spawner and one random number generator to position it for each spawn is enough, if I’m correctly understanding what you’re after.


Here’s your random spawn, just keep adding objects into the class. As far as a mini map that’s a whole different beast. Grid out the whole scene and link it to a mini grid within another object(rectangle) and rule: when (object) is in grid 1
Mini Object position in mini grid



Cool but it’s not infinite but I think that’s impossible right now


You might want to look up the method no man’s sky uses for worlds and take that approach.