How to stop the original sprite without affecting clones?


Towards the end of the Gif you’ll see the original eyeball isn’t affected by touching a knife clone.
The eyeball clones are in a class that get removed when a class member senses touching a knife clone.

I tried coding the original eyeball to hide/set position far away/ set size to 0 when touching a knife clone.
This messed with the clones and the clones started behaving the same as the original or glitching the clones.

What’s the best way to keep the original sprite away from the action onscreen?
I’m thinking for an eyeball class member to move only if it’s position is right of a certain sprite.
This would likely stop the original moving since it would be off screen to the left of a certain sprite.

This demo code worked in neutralizing the original black star and only affect the black star clones created.
Using all in Monster class only, affects original/clones
Using Black star only, causes the original and clones not to move.
Black star and all in Monster class had to be coded for.

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Hi @Suzzy-Grey - Perfect logic for games! You can try to split the conditions using the counter’s behavior. Toggle the counter and separate the condition. Also I would recommend using in many cases a one-time touch “Collided width object” and using the box collider for objects, not the polygonal. So there is less of a violation of something in the project.

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I’ve overcome this issue by building a little “box” around the master object off screen. Then it can move around, but never escape it’s little cage.

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