How to control Gif speed with Ready

Hi Everybody :blush:

My Game is on the last turn… and I have a new question :shushing_face:

How to control the gif speed…The speed animation cursor in behaviors don’t change anything.

There is an example :
Boy Running on my computer

The same running in Ready

Is there another way to control that ?

Thank’s in advance @Ready and all the community

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I quickly made this so you can check the code.
You can adjust the animation speed with the slider.


A great example from, it all depends on when exactly you want to change the speed of the animation, I think that events, in the example from Suzzy-Grey, can be edited for any task.

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Hello @Suzzy-Grey,

Thank’s for reply, your animation speed demo is clear and work perfectly with your gif.

I have added my gif on the screen and made the same events, my gif runs at max speed slider in 0 position ??

See the video here

It seems that my gif has the problem… It work’s with another downloaded from Giphy !!

Thank’s again for our time.

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I tried using a gif from Giphy.
I had the same problem as you where the gif runs full speed and ignores the slider.
I suggest you use gifs from google image search or make your own at
It’s probably better to avoid using gifs from Giphy unless you just want a gif that auto animates and looks pretty.


Hi @Suzzy-Grey,

Thank’s for the link (you can also dowload a free app). :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have loaded my gif and found some strange frame.
I also edit it and put the head of my grand son… It’s funny :smiley:

The result in video of your script with it

That’s work fine.