How do I spawn to a path


Hi all! Just started with Ready and am trying to do a simple galaxans style vertical scroller as a first attempt.
I set a couple of spawners, one on each side of the play space. Then I create 2 green monsters and give them a path that flies into the canvas, up, out, spirals a bit to waste time, back on and out to another shape that will be used to kill on touch.
The spawners are set up to spawn 10 instances of each monster after a delay, with a short delay between each spawn.
But when I start it the original monsters wander on to scene… first problem. So tried placing them far off screen…
I was using an absolute path and both spawns (and originals, so problem still there) come in along that path even if the originals are placed far off screen.
If I make the path relative though it appears to become relative to whereever the original monster is, not the spawner. So with the originals far offscreen the new spawns flicker at the spawner then vanish off to follow a path starting wherever the current location is of the original monster. Second problem.
Tried things like hiding the original but that hid the spawns too.

Can anyone suggest how I spawn a series of sprites to the location of a specific other object and have them follow a path?



I’ll try and make that code and share it with you.
Only 1 clone at a time can follow the gold along path.
Click Blackstar clone to destroy it.
Another blackstar clone is made when the gold reaches top left of path if the previous clone is destroyed.

The only other way is to place invisible sprites and code.
When object touches sprite 1, point towards sprite 2, etc…
and make a path with invisible sprites.